What is porn power exchange?

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Erotic power exchange refers to any situation in which a partner actively and deliberately incorporates power factors into their or her love (usually having a large role in their relationship) based on their free will and choice. The most famous exchange of pornographic power is bdsm, s & m, d1 or sadism, but these terms are too limited, incorrect, and often confused with stereotypes and mental illness, which is why we like to call it Exchange for pornography (epe).

Holistic approach

Please allow us to quickly explain our views and methods. Not to force you in any direction, but to explain where we are from, so you will have a better understanding of the way, this online education facility has been established.

The exchange of lust and power is a combination of spirit, body and mind, and therefore will have an impact on each of these three areas that constitute humanity. Therefore, we try to approach each area of ​​erotic power exchange art at these levels, and these areas—in order to create human integrity—are equally important and deserve their personal attention.

Porn power exchange can form any shape or form in a relationship. From small things like covering her when making love, to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The shape and form it takes depends entirely on the illusions, circumstances, preferences and boundaries of the partners involved. As long as it is informed, voluntary, safe, sensible and voluntary, it is called the exchange of sexual power. If any or all of these four elements are missing, it is called abuse.

Second, the exchange of porn rights requires a specific environment. If you like, call it the biosphere. What it needs is a very sound, honest and sincere relationship, tension and open communication, trust, a lot of mutual understanding, an open mind, a lot of love and care, and a lot of creativity. This does not mean that this relationship is necessarily long-term. All of these requirements must exist even if they are at random or not – – – – although it may be less intense – – – – to make things work.

People often ask: What is the problem with heterosexuals? Why add something like power exchange? Ok, heterosexuality is not wrong. But there are also people — like yourself — who want to get more out of their relationship. Maybe more is out of life. These people will identify the elements of power, exist in each relationship, and begin to work with it, zoom in, play it, explore and experiment. Every day, each of us must face power. For example, your boss’s power or political power, but not all of us become bosses or politicians, and even interested in management or politics. The same is true of power in the context of sexual relations. Some, some are not.

Giving power to your partner can be a huge feeling of lust. Being bundled, relatively helpless, and being launched by your partner into your own fantasy and dreams – some people call it a subspace – can be exciting, relaxing and revealing at the same time. Pain, itching and a variety of other impulses – when managing care and skills – can pump up your endocrine, giving you the same feeling of movement and sometimes feeling exercise. On the other hand, the dominant partner feels that adrenaline and serotonin flow freely in his or her body, giving them a very strong feeling and a very strong and caring emotion. No, people who do this do not need motivation to have orgasm or interesting and rewarding relationships, but they do need the existence and use of power elements in their relationships.

An umbrella, for a lot of different things

Porn power exchange is a very personal experience. This is why it is difficult to describe what it is. All of these people — including you — have the same thing in common — for their own personal reasons — they are fascinated by the power factor in the sexual relationship environment. What do they do, how to do it, why it may be something completely different.

The exchange of porn power is an overarching argument. A couple may fill it up to tie her on the bed, another may be fascinated by a «strange» man walking into the bedroom to capture her thoughts, the third may have a relationship, he serves her in any way. There are still many people who will look for spiritual and personal growth, which may bring. There are still some people who are inside in order to entangle. All of this is pretty good, as long as it feels good for you, it brings you what you want.

Porn power exchange is like golf: it is highly personal, you are the master of your own game, you are also your own referee.

It’s all about what you want to do. You don’t have to copy others. You don’t even need to agree with others. It is your game, your thoughts, your emotions and your fantasies. This is what you and your (future) partners share. It is the boundary to explore your thoughts and imagination in a very safe environment.

For many people, the exchange of lust and power is not just a matter of sex, but a way of life. Most people who do this will realize that this is a very personal thing, a very own thing. For many people, this is a way of expressing yourself.

Definition of porn power exchange

Perhaps the most dangerous thing is to try and come up with the definition of sexual power exchange. Usually this leads to intense discussions. However, the powerotics Internet discussion group (one of the largest discussion groups in its class) managed to agree on a seemingly feasible definition and a large number of (Maledom/femsub-person-oriented) people can agree on a definition. This is the definition agreed by the group, plus a description of the definition.

* The definition of sexual power exchange is: Voluntary and informed voluntary exchange of power between adults.

* Voluntary definitions are: No financial or non-financial rewards or rewards have been received or promised in an attempt to coerce or force any participating partners to take actions they disagree with without such rewards or rewards; otherwise, No partner will voluntarily agree, otherwise you must not force or coerce (by physical, mental, economic or social forces or overwhelming) to take action.

* The definition of informed consensus is: Participating partners – before the act – choose to voluntarily participate in the exchange of libido power, all relevant partners – as far as they know – have made serious efforts To establish a reasonable understanding of all other relevant partners’ activities and the potential consequences and risks of their activities.

* The definition of an adult is: The legal age of the region or country in which it is located. If such legal age is under 18, the definition of an adult is 18 years or older. All of this sounds too much for you – in fact, we agree to a certain extent. However, this is the first attempt to come up with a workable definition. Although it may be a bit too «legitimate» for people in the community, it is very clear about which line of voluntary sexual exchanges between the two sides is ill-treated or publicly ill or criminal. .

Stigma and truth

There are various knockouts everywhere on the issue of the exchange of lust and power, all of which are often used by legislators and other people who oppose the exchange of lust. All of this is based on presumed psychological or spiritual «knowledge» or «fact». The truth is that these are not real and there is no proof. We collected the most common things around us and compared them to real facts.

«Once you start, you will want more and more»

This is the «stepping stone theory» that pseudo-experts will introduce.

In other words, once you have tasted the painful effect, you will want more and more pain, and it will end with excessive behavior and addiction. In fact, there is no “stepping stone theory” in terms of the exchange of lust and power (the term stems from the study of the causes of drug addiction in the late 1960s and the way the theory does not work in this area).

The second fact is this. Just like almost anything about the exchange of passion and power, there is hardly any serious and open scientific research on this subject. Second, almost all research, often referred to as epe, is conducted in individual cases or in very small groups. Any conclusions based on this research are incorrect for the entire group if there are no other reasons, just for simple statistical and mathematical reasons. Psychiatrists and psychologists mainly study almost all cases related to directly seeking questions or major health-related issues. Almost all of these articles are intended to promote the treatment of that particular psychiatrist. There are very few general sociological studies in the field of sexual power exchange, if any, mainly in gay communities or with such small ones—and specific countries or regions—and the research team is The way of responsibility.

The third fact is that the reality of erotic power exchange shows a completely different picture. People who enter the exchange of sexual power usually start trying it. In this experimental phase, they usually want to explore all possibilities. As time goes by, their emotions will settle, the pieces of the puzzle will fall into practice, and their wishes and needs – once explored and determined – will stabilize to levels that usually correspond to the illusions that people originally had. .

«The need to enter the power exchange always hides a traumatic experience.»

The basis of this knockout is Froude, and we all know that Froude is trying to explore the relationship between various human behaviors – not just sexual behaviors – and (early) childhood experiences. His method, called psychoanalysis, is considered obsolete in modern psychology and is largely irrelevant.

Although the fact is that some people who want to exchange things have a history of abuse or childhood trauma, the universal connection has never been established. The situation that may exist in individual cases, as a general argument, is certainly not a fact. The study did confirm that there was no significant difference in the number of traumatic experiences in the erotic power exchange community compared to any other group.

Recent research has pointed out that genetic influences and creative and curious mentality may be factors that influence the exchange of emotional power and emotional development. However, this research is far from complete, and in fact is limited to cases, just like most scientific studies in this field.

Another relatively new area that may work is the effect of endocrine. Endocrine is a hormone, a natural opioid, produced by the body, commonly known as «emotional» amino acids. Different mixtures of different types of endocrine will produce different emotions. Some of these mixtures are due to fear, stress and pain. It is unclear what role they play in the development of emotional exchange of emotional power.

«The demand for power exchange points to a strict education.»

Again the misunderstanding of «Semi-Froude», and based on a case of one person, research and publish Froude.

The truth is that most people who engage in the exchange of pornographic power have completely normal youth and upbringing, mostly from the family, where sex is the subject of free and open discussion. Similarly, in a few cases, people have a strict – sometimes very religious – raise, but there is any connection between parenting and general emotional exchange of emotions, which remains to be determined, and It may be very impossible to determine. In terms of the development of emotions.

«People enter the exchange of porn power and cannot find complete sexual satisfaction in other ways»

This is a downright lie based on research into over-clinical sadism and masochism (ie mental illness). Indeed, the severe mental distortions that are often described as sadism and masochism may (but not always) show this behavior. However, erotic power exchange has nothing to do with mental distortion, but rather with completely normal erotic behavior between fully normal, well-adjusted, and responsible adults.

People who enter the erotic power exchange usually think that their feelings and emotions are important, and they will define the exchange of passion and power as a way of life, but this does not mean that they have compulsive needs. In fact, the lack of compulsive sex is the difference between emotional power exchange and clinical sadism and masochism.

In fact, in many cases, people will think that their emotional power exchange emotions are completely different from sexual emotions, or — for example, orgasm.

«The dominant man is just a macho»

The truth is that most of the dominant men are very caring, caring and open–and, by the way, the majority of women who are dominant. As the name implies, the position of the leader in the exchange of passion and power requires a lot of understanding, care, and trust. The most important thing is to have great interest in obeying the desires and needs of the partner and the emotions. For outsiders, a very strict, direct, powerful, and sometimes somewhat aggressive machismo is actually a role-playing, symbolic and role-playing act, but it’s almost always a very caring person.

When asked about this question, generally obedient companions usually describe them as understanding–generally knowing his obedient partner more than he (or doing) himself (or doing) – support, care, Have love and protection.

«Submissive women betrayed the campaign for women’s rights»

Obedience, letting these emotions come out is a very confident statement and decision. It is also a difficult and terrible process. Obedient women are usually very conscious and make very conscious decisions about their obedience. They are by no means a «door mat», and — in general — have gone through a long process of identifying and accepting themselves and their obedient feelings and emotions.

Just as dominant lust behavior does not mean universal dominance, obedience is not (wo) a sign that men show obedience in their daily lives. Usually, they will be any obedience, although it is a fact that as long as the obedient emotions are not settled, obedient women, especially sometimes it may be difficult to distinguish between their obedience and other things.

This argument stems itself from the hard-line feminist activists who, mainly out of fear of unwanted influences, try to distinguish women from other perspectives rather than the views that these activists have.

«People who are dominant in everyday life are obedient in bed, and vice versa»

Sexual behavior is usually not a sign of any other form of social behavior, and there is no proven connection between the two. In daily life, dominance can be both dominant and non-dominant, and obedience can also have a dominant position. Female executives can be obeyed in the bedroom, and male nurses can dominate. The above statement is a typical example of stereotypes.

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