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More than 600 books are considered to be the controversial spiritual leader Osho. This article reviews the 5 most popular Ossau books.

1. The Book of Secrets: 112 meditations, discovering the mystery of the heart

The Book of Secrets was published after his death in 1990 and is a compilation of his speech and follow-up questions and answers. Readers will enjoy the casual and conversational style of this book, which makes it an easy to read.

This is one of the longest Osho books, over 1,100 pages. Osho provides us with a comprehensive and practical guide to learn how to meditate. He believes that without meditation, we will never be able to discover the deep secrets of life, but only its surface.

Meditation techniques are based on ancient scriptures that have been translated into contemporary understanding. Each of the 112 meditations is described in detail and explains how best to use them in our everyday modern life.

Whether you have a specific belief or not, you will get great benefits through meditation. And you don’t have to go to the temple to practice any quiet place. Your body and mind are enough temples, accompanied by the will and courage to try new things.

2. Tantra: The highest understanding

In more than 6,000 Olympus books, Tullah is his best-selling book. For over a thousand years, the work of the 11th century Indian Tantric master Tilopa has always existed. In his form of «The Song of Muhammadrah», Tilopa passed his mysterious insights to his student Naropa.

Osho, in his humor, a beautiful and powerful way, teaches Tantra through the songs of Tilopa, showing how Tantric meditation techniques and mysterious insights apply to our lives today.

3. Emotions: Freedom from anger, jealousy and fear

If life is not emotion, if it is not emotion, not understanding our emotions, and how to deal with them effectively, it is also the core of many of our problems. These problems not only affect our physical, mental and sexual health, but also our energy levels, sleep patterns and relationships with loved ones.

In the emotions, Osho gave us a practical and comprehensive guide to seeing and learning when emotions appear. Once we understand this, our emotions no longer have the power to stimulate us.

4. Love, freedom, loneliness: Kuhn in relationship

If you are really looking for something different from the same old interpersonal advice, then this is just your book. Love, freedom and loneliness were also published from his teachings after his death.

Among them, we find that only by learning to live by ourselves and living with ourselves can we cultivate true freedom in life; this freedom allows us to find love and happiness with others. This book is about a free-flowing dialogue on how to balance lifestyle, love, and meditation — not a 12-step formula.

5. Love: How to love with consciousness, how to contact it without fear

In this book, Osho challenges us to question our belief in our love and open to us the idea that love is not made up of shackles and possessions, but is natural and satisfying.

He dares to resist the patterns we learn from culture and the unhealthy people around us, rediscovering the love and love that we have not expected. From the beginning, we are full of rubbish about what is love. When we are ready to explore the world of love, we don’t have much hope to tell what is real and what is false.

Osho asks us to explore new ways of loving, by answering the questions faced by so many lovers, including how to:

·Become a life partner, with someone

· Fully exist in your relationship

·Love does not hold tight

· Freed from the fear of loneliness

· Abandon expectations, rules and requirements

· Keep your love fresh and energetic

Give up your ego so you can surrender to love

These five books are far beyond the understanding of traditional psychology, giving people a unique insight into the inner workings of the mind, mind and existence.

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