Can whole body cryotherapy explain that I have a healthy lifestyle, even if I have arthritis?

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Arthritis can damage our quality of life. Sustained pain is just a normal and easy task. It can hurt our minds and not live, but it doesn’t have to be. Did you know that cryotherapy was originally used to explain rheumatoid arthritis patients? In the late 1970s, Yamaguchi began freezing the temperature on the skin surface (freezing therapy) in a short time to illustrate the pain of his patients treating arthritis. Without extreme pain, the patient can control mild pain and is easily tolerated, often for a few days between treatments.

Today, a modern systemic cell therapy sauna can provide almost 8-10 times the colder temperature of the entire body once. This relieves chronic inflammation of the joints, repositioning the body and increasing collagen in the body. Many believers in cryotherapy tell them how it «changes life.» There is no longer a need to escape the activities they like, and they no longer need to be stuck and fixed by the pain. Some people are even able to give up their painkillers completely with their other arthritis drugs.

How does cryotherapy do this?

It is well known that cryotherapy helps to induce collagen, which helps strengthen bones, joints, tendons and cartilage. It is also known that cryotherapy helps reduce inflammation – chronic inflammation is the cause of most pain in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. We know that cryotherapy helps produce antioxidant blood, and other rheumatoid arthritis lacks the ability to do things.

It’s hard to say exactly why it works so well, or why those with arthritis swear by systemic cryotherapy. We do know that it reduces the histamine response in the body. Research is still in progress, but when a 75-year-old man with arthritis can go out to play tennis with friends, things start. This is no coincidence.

A clinical study showed that 1-3 cryotherapy and 10-15 courses were informed of a significant reduction in symptomatic regression and a sharp reduction in pain. In combination with physical therapy, a small number of patients were able to abandon the wheelchair, and all patients noticed an improvement in the ease of exercise. These results lasted for 6 months after treatment. Ask your doctor, if you should try systemic cryotherapy, maybe you can get these drugs?

Now, let’s investigate a few research papers on this topic, ok? First of all, I would like to note: «Histological levels of cryotherapy reductase in the blood of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, e. wojtecca-lukasik/k. ksiezoposka-orlowsk·e. gaszewsk·o. rosooicz-toalsk·p. Rzodkiewicz·d.szukiewicz·s. maslinski published on December 18, 2009 (inflammation. (2010) 59 (Supplement 2): s253-s255 doi 10.1007/s00011-009-0144-1).

Another note worth mentioning is: «The effect of temperature and fiber stability on the degradation of cartilage collagen by rheumatoid synovial collagenase», by Little Edwards Harris and Peter McKrois Kerry (n engl j Med 1974; 290:1-6 doi: 1056/10/NEJM197401032900101).

Moreover, the last study was a pilot study that showed the benefits: «Sequential systemic cryotherapy for inflammatory rheumatic diseases,» (pmid: 1848207).

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