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Contrary to popular belief, male chastity is in a continuous continuum, denied in one extreme permanent male chastity and orgasm, while gentle chastity is the role played in the other extreme.

The benefits of male chastity at every point on the spectrum will depend on your own preferences and desires.

However, although there will be some people at the two extremes, most of us are somewhere in the middle. This is self-evident, if you think of it, but if you look at online blogs and forums, you will always leave with an unrealistic point of view, focusing on those who claim more extreme chastity and denial.

Now why is it so important?

Well, to a large extent, the type of equipment or belt you will eventually get will depend on the position of your own desires on this continuum (and remember, in the second part of this guide, I suggest you from one Keep your final results in mind).

This in turn will determine the depth and extent of any male chastity benefits you may get from it.

For example, if you really just want to experience a chastity game, or experience it in a device for a week or so, things like cb3000 might be appropriate. In some cases, such equipment is even suitable for long-term wear, but this is not the case in general, and it often ruptures after heavy use.

But if you want to experience what you are closest to being completely safe, then a complete belt, perhaps even a powerful Ratowski, may be more appropriate.

We will return to the specific device in another part.

But for now, let’s take a look at how to introduce equipment to your partner.

It is important to step on it carefully and slowly as needed. Remember, you may have been thinking for a long time (maybe a few years), so you not only know this topic, but also have a good idea, where do you want to end, your partner is likely to see it all through fresh eye.

From her or his point of view, you are suggesting something that they think might greatly change your entire life and relationships, which is always terrible. We humans don’t like change, especially when it’s not the change we initiate.

On the surface, this sudden and dramatic change may not be seen as a benefit at all – but if you look at things calmly and rationally, this is often the case.

Now, you know your partner better than I do, so consider what I am saying by filtering what you like or dislike.

Still, perhaps the easiest and least threatening way to introduce a device is one of the simple plastic devices above.

If you are a man, then I suggest that you do not ask her to take responsibility from the beginning. Put it on yourself and tell her how to wear it from time to time. As before, be more careful and caring, but don’t become a pest.

Resist the urge you want her to take the key and never let you out again. As I said before, this is new to her.

If you are a woman, you can handle it in the same way, but this time you really handed the responsibility and the key together.

The purpose of all this is to make them feel comfortable with it. You want life to continue as normal – what you show them is that this device does not suddenly bring a huge change to your life, in fact the sky will not fall into it.

Then, after a few days, you want to repeat your previous romantic night; only this time, when you have sex, you will put the device on top (or if you are a woman, make it worse, Then he agrees to put it on top – look again, it depends on your partner and your understanding of him, promise to release him at the end of the meeting or the next morning).

Again, after you have sex, talk about your feelings and focus on the good part. If you have a problem, or if some parts are not successful, then relax. Unless you decide to make it one, this is not necessarily a big deal.

Can you see the pattern?

We are slowly and step by step to get things started. At each stage we show that there is nothing to fear and highlight all the benefits.

It’s important to be aware of this: You must show her the benefits, not just telling her about these benefits. Unless she has experienced this, she will not believe that they are real.

Unless you stand on the side of the continuum’s «chastity only play» (this is fine, because this is your life, except that you get the ticket), the ultimate goal of your chastity will be your partner with the key – and this in itself There are many meanings, consequences, and of course, benefits.

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